Rochester NY Asphalt Maintenance & Repair Company

Rochester NY Asphalt Maintenance & Repair Company

Oxidation and deterioration of all pavements happens, but with a state of the art maintenance plan, you can keep your asphalt looking like new, and making the statement you want it to make for your property.  With the highly regarded asphalt maintenance and repair services College Bound Sealers’ experts can deliver, you will also maintain the waterproof capability of your asphalt and prevent weeds and dirt from filling any cracks. You will extend the life of your asphalt and keep its shiny blacktop appearance, which will effectively ensure a return on your investment.

Filling cracks and maintaining the seal coating efficiency of your asphalt are two of the most common asphalt maintenance and repair needs for good reason.  In maintaining the surface level of your asphalt you should have a smoother ride quality on a driveway or road, and also help to inhibit any further cracks or stresses.   Over time you get a longer lasting asphalt pavement with the quality appearance that will keep people thinking it looks like new.  Might you be thinking that the parking lot stripes are fading?  They can be renewed regularly as well!  Contact us today to request a free estimate!  585-254-6550

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We had our driveway sealed by cbs yesterday. I am so impressed, I had to write something. None of the sealer is on our sidewalk, the garage floor, or the street gutters. The application is so smooth, I can’t see any lines. (Usually, there are some lines where the sealer is thicker.) Finally, it looks like there are no bare spots on the edges. How do you do that?


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