Rochester, NY Spring Pavement Cleaning Needs

Surfaces exposed to water, salt, and heavy collections of snow are often areas that will need repair work in the spring, especially in climates such as the Rochester, NY area where the temperature extremes and moisture combine to damage pavement and markings. No matter how well you prepare for the onslaught of winter, a harsh climate can leave damage, which can also lead to unsafe pavement conditions. We have had that kind of winter, and are ready to help our customers with any needed repairs, and 24/7 emergency service if needed.

Literally tons of salt are used over the winter nationwide. It does not simply disappear with Spring thaws. If roads and pavements are left untreated and not repaired, the leftover salt can do further damage to the pavement as well as roadside vegetation and local lakes and rivers. While salt is natural in our environment, the toxicity occurs with the heavy volume used over the winter. Use of salt can be a lifesaver in the winter, but leftover salt in the Spring can cause numerous problems.

Our expert repair and seal coating crews can quickly and reliably determine your needs and promptly provide the solutions. Potholes, damaged surfaces, salt damage – all can be fixed by our professional pavement repair crews. Contact us today to request a free estimate! 585-254-6550

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Tony & Staff,

A little note to let you know that your company did a great job of snow removal this winter.

Thank you


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