Commercial Sealcoating Company in Rochester NY

Commercial Sealcoating Company in Rochester NY

There is no substitute for a first class asphalt paving application, but to keep it looking as good as new, and save you thousands in unnecessary repairs, your preventative maintenance should include routine sealcoating, to ensure its long-lasting performance.  Your parking lot pavement can really set the stage for a good first impression of your overall business establishment, so in many ways, your investment will pay you!

High quality coal tar sealer is used by the professional commercial asphalt sealcoating contractors at College Bound Sealers, and they will meet or exceed your expectations the first time, every time!  Experience counts-and our experts have been providing professional sealcoating services for large commercial parking lots since 1994.  Please visit our Photo Gallery and see some of our work from just a few of our many satisfied commercial sealcoating customers! Contact us today to request a free estimate.  585-254-6550

Premium Products

Neyra Tarconite – Coal Tar Pavement Sealer
Preserves asphalt pavement with a deep, rich, black seal that beautifies and protects
For more than 40 years, thousands of businesses and individuals have made Neyra’s Tarconite their first line of defense to protect the longevity and beauty of millions of acres of asphalt pavement throughout the world. Locking out spills and protecting against the elements, Tarconite delivers a rich, smooth, black finish that’s unparalleled in the marketplace, year after year. When appearance and protection are foremost in your mind, invest in Neyra’s Tarconite.

BEAUTIFY: Restore the original rich, black look.
PREVENT OXIDATION: Block out the damaging effects of the sun.
SPILL DAMAGE: Keep spills from infiltrating the surface.
WEATHERPROOF: Prevents water penetration.
MAINTENANCE: Shield pavement against the elements that cause cracks and potholes.
PRESERVE YOUR INVESTMENT: Make your property safer, cleaner, more attractive and longer-lasting.

About Neyra
With over four decades of experience and innovation, Neyra is the most trusted name in the pavement maintenance and athletic surface industry. A family-owned company constructed on a foundation of quality and integrity, Neyra is more than just a manufacturer of superior paving products and surfacing solutions – we are our customer’s business partner. Through a mission to inspire people and have a positive impact on the organizations we serve, Neyra invests in the best people, customers and technology. We are committed to the growth and development of our customers while continuing a tradition built on quality assurance, performance consistency and exceptional service.

Neyra Force Brochure (PDF) | Neyra Technical Details (PDF)

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