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What to Consider Before Sealing Concrete or Asphalt Driveways

What to Consider Before Sealing Concrete or Asphalt Driveways

Sealcoating a driveway improves its appearance and reduces cracking, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. Before you decide whether or not to use driveway sealing chemicals on your own driveway, you should know a few things about the process and the reasons for doing it, as well as the right […]

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Rochester, NY Spring Pavement Cleaning Needs

Surfaces exposed to water, salt, and heavy collections of snow are often areas that will need repair work in the spring, especially in climates such as the Rochester, NY area where the temperature extremes and moisture combine to damage pavement and markings. No matter how well you […]

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Protect Paved Surfaces With Snow Removal

Snow Removal for Rochester, NY is never an easy task with the abundance of snow in this area, but the College Bound Sealers expert crews know how harmful snow collection can be to a paved surface, and are ready 24/7 to service commercial or residential properties.  Surfaces […]

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Asphalt Performance Excellence

Asphalt pavements have an extremely long lifespan, making them an optimal paving surface.  Even when they need repair, it is usually only the top layer that is affected.  The top layer is removed and an overlay applied.  Irregularities in the surface can be easily fixed as well.  […]

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Why You Should Sealcoat Your Asphalt Driveway Patch

Most property owners have problems regarding driveway appearance. If you notice that the asphalt surfaces become lighter, it is an indication that you have to sealcoat your driveway right away. Sealcoating is usually done a year after the asphalt has been placed, and ideally every two to […]

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On behalf of the families who at our two Houses, thank you for your donation of driveway sealing services on July 15, 2013. Your gift will help Ronal McDonald House Charities of Rochester (RMHC) continue to "Give Kids a Better Chance to Get Better."

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